Explore Sweet Horizons: 10 Cake Trends for You!

Hello cake lovers! Ready to explore the world of online cakes and check out what’s trending around in the culinary sphere? Cakes have been the classic of all celebratory desserts since time immemorial and throughout the years, it has seen all kinds of personal touches and fusion flavours added on to it. And now more than ever, we are seeing a rise in aesthetic masterpieces and the most elegant designs that cater to every palate. 

Let’s go over a few from the Mama Mia household that truly elevate your dessert experience —

1. Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake.

The classic velvety richness of our Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake caters to the more elegant palate that is seeking a dense burst of flavours. The luxury chocolate used in this cake is the doorway to heaven for all chocolate lovers where each bite plays a symphony of deep cocoa flavours and the most mouth-watering textures that speak of elegance into a flavour.

2. Blueberry Cheesecake

The classic Blueberry Cheesecake has been a slice of indulgence since the ages as the creamy cheesecake base is the perfect complement to the generous and homely blueberry jam, working together to make the most harmonious balance of sweet and tangy flavours. The elegance of this classic treat is topped by few and thus remains a fan favourite.

3. Red Velvet Cheese Cake

The aesthetic masterpiece that is our Red Velvet Cheesecake brings the dream team of red velvet cake and cream cheese base that is moist and velvet-like in texture. The luxury flavours and subtle hints of cocoa elegantly tie together the flavours for a dreamlike experience.

4. Belgian Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Our Belgian Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake is a heavenly blend of rich chocolate and aromatic mocha. The dense mousse, infused with the earthly coffee, is layered with moist chocolate cake, creating a perfect harmony of elegant tastes.

5. Alphonso Mango Cheesecake

The tropical aesthetics are out with this one! Our Alphonso Mango Cheesecake sings the sweet notes of flavours in harmony with the creamy cheesecake base.

6. Strawberry Cheesecake

Is there a more aesthetically pleasing fruit than strawberry? The luscious layers of cream cheese mixed with the beautiful vibrant flavours of fresh strawberries are the epitome of aesthetic cakes.

7. Rocher Rocker Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

For our chocolate palates, the Rocher Rocker Chocolate Ice Cream Cake is the dance of delight! The layers of chocolate sponge cake and hazelnut chocolate ice cream brings together elegance and trends as seen in the dessert world.

8. Marble Castle Ice Cream Cake

The whimsical adventure that is Mama Mia’s Marble Castle Ice Cream Cake is a swirling play of vanilla and chocolate that is elegant in flavours and the most beautiful aesthetic to the eyes.

9. Kitkat Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Take a break of indulgence with our KitKat Chocolate Ice Cream Cake that infuses the most trendy cake recipes going around. A bed of smooth chocolate ice cream and crunchy KitKat bars is playful in each bite.

10. Cookie Crumble Ice Cream Cake

Last but not least, the Cookie Crumble Ice Cream Cake is another classic flavour that we reimagined as an elegant masterpiece of a cake flavour with blankets of crumbled cookies and delicious ice cream.

At Mama Mia, classic favourites meet innovative trends in the dessert world to create a symphony of different flavours. From the classic elegant cake flavours to the more aesthetically pleasing indulgent choices, we bring them all — so grab a slice today and treat yourself and a friend too!