Berry Bliss: 8 Tempting Black Currant Treats With Our Gelato!

Hello dessert lovers! Today we show love to our more fruit-loving audience, the palate which appreciates the balance of sweetness and tangy goodness — and is there a better suiting flavour to the said indulgence than black currant? A favourite at Mama Mia is our tangy Black Currant Gelato Ice Cream so we have it take centre stage and help you out in crafting your own creative desserts and treats using other very simple ingredients and discover eight such must-try creations!

1. Black Currant Gelato Milkshake

Give a tangy spin to your ordinary milkshake or smoothie and make it a creamy indulgent treat with a nice and generous scoop of our Black Currant Gelato! Simply blend your regular smoothie or milkshake ingredients with this delightful treat and voila — your on-the-go breakfast just got more refreshing and flavourful! If you’re making it to treat your friends then don’t shy away from adding all kinds of toppings like whipped cream for extra goodness.

2. Black Currant Cheesecake

The classic cheesecake, as good as it is, is only taken up a notch when smothered with an extra layer of Black Currant Gelato! The vibrant topping on the creamy base makes a heavenly pairing that is elegant and indulgent. Every bite singing the symphony of sweet and sour will leave you wanting more, that is assured.

3. Black Currant Swirl Cake

The classic moist vanilla cake when paired with our irresistible Black Currant Gelato makes for a heavenly indulgence. Simply add a good amount to the batter of a regular moist cake and swirl to make it a treat for the eyes as well. The contrast of flavours and textures is an innovative and equally delightful result that is a feast for such a palate.

4. Black Currant Tart

The fruit tart has been a household favourite since the ages and for all the good reasons. The pastry base with a topping of fruit and cream cheese or custard is indeed a match made in heaven. Now imagine that served with a dollop of the tangy delight that is our Black Currant Gelato. With each bite more vibrant than the previous, you could not be asking for a better end to any meal.

5. Black Currant Trifle

Our Black Currant Gelato is indeed a refreshing bite by itself but we truly believe that when paired with a classic cake-based dessert, it takes things to the next level. Such is the case with the creative and crafty creation that is a Black Currant Trifle — the smooth and spongy vanilla cake layered with a creamy custard and a scoop of our gelato creates a light but delicious treat.

6. Black Currant Pavlova

For our sophisticated palates, the Black Currant Pavlova is the perfect and impressionable dessert you can make to turn heads and please taste buds. The crisp meringue bordering the soft and creamy gelato simply creates an irresistible match of textures and flavours. 

7. Black Currant Macarons

Our fan-favourite macarons play a role in creating these mini bite-sized delights! Simply dunk or layer our classic macarons in the heavenly Black Currant Gelato for a blissful mix-and-match of flavours that is innovative and irresistible. The vibrant purple topping only adds another hue to the rainbow treats making it a treat visually as well.

8. Black Currant Parfait

Regular parfait? Nah, will be opting for a burst of flavours instead! Layers of Black Currant Gelato topped with crunchy granola come together to create a masterpiece that is satisfying to the sweet tooth but also nutritious.

And there you have it — pick up your own tub of the seasonal heavenly delight that is our Black Currant Gelato and get crafty with it from cakes to macarons. Have a berry good day!