Mama Mia was established in 2005

Our sole purpose is to serve the most awesome
Gelatos and Desserts in India.

Our founders, having trained in Italy under Gelato Master Danielle Ghisalberti in Bergamo, Italy, pioneered the concept of gelato in India giving India its first ever Gelateria. Our focus remains to provide India with a superlative experience when it comes to all things sweet.

We have a passion to make the best and most innovative products using the best ingredients from all over the world. Our aim is to provide an alternative to unhealthy desserts and Ice-Cream that is not only healthier but better in taste, quality and every sense of the word!"

Dessert is
an emotion

What first started off as a Gelato brand has now expanded to a full-blown lip smacking patisserie. If you have a craving we have a solution. Our motto is simple – dessert is an emotion, we don’t just eat it, we feel it.


We don’t just
eat it, we feel it

We pride ourselves on our range of sweets going from fat-free to loaded with sinful indulgence. Try our 0% fat sorbets or our indulgent cake jars to really know what we’re talking about.