Layered with Love – Mama Mia’s Jar Desserts, now available Online!

When craving a sweet treat layered to perfection, treat yourself to Mama Mia’s delicious Jar Desserts. We have assorted flavours and textures to please every sweet tooth. Whether ordering for yourself, your family, or a friend – our online delivery makes for an immediate uplift!

Share your love with a Dessert Jar…

Jar desserts are so much more than a sweet indulgence; they’re bites of pure love and affection. With Mama Mia’s range of jar desserts, you always have the perfect gift for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, days you want to make memorable – layer your love with our jar desserts.

All the flavours, all the fun with Mama Mia!

Our jar desserts come in four main categories – Mousse & Cheesecake Jars, Sundae Jars, and Lava Cake Jars. Read on to know what makes each of these the perfect treat!

Mousse Jar Desserts: Our mousse jars offer a melt-in-the-mouth experience. They’re rich, creamy, and loaded with love for a perfect bite every time. Choose from flavours like Belgian Chocolate, Red Velvet, Mocha Coffee, Black Forest, Nutella and more!

Cheesecake Jar Desserts: There’s nothing better than cool, creamy cheesecake. Our jar desserts take everyone’s favourite dessert and give them an all-new look. So if you’re in the mood for indulgences like Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, and more – our jar of love’s got you covered.

Sundae Jar Desserts: If we had to describe these, our sundae jars are somewhat like a party in a jar. They have a little bit of everything, from Italian gelato to delicious sauces, nuts, and toppings galore. Explore yummy combinations like Roasted Almond Fudge Sundae, Salted Butter Scotch Sundae, Death By Chocolate Sundae, and so much more.

Lava Cake Jars: It doesn’t get hotter than this! Mmm-worthy chocolate cake, molten liquid chocolate – all packed into a goodie jar. With this jar dessert, every spoonful is heavenly. Try it to believe it.

Order Our Jar Desserts Online Today!

Ready to get into Mama Mia’s jar action? Look no further! Order your favourite jar desserts online with us. Pamper yourself, your family and your friends with little bouts of the sweetest gestures. They’re perfect for any occasion and great to add a touch of indulgence to any day. So, take this as a sign to place your lip-smacking orders now!

What’s better than dessert? A jar dessert!

At Mama Mia, we make sure every spoonful of dessert is made from the heart with the best ingredients and processes. Our Jar Desserts follow pursuit with flavours all the way from Italy! Be it a topping or a sauce, you know it’s good when it comes from us.

A Jar For All.

Need an eggless option? No problem! Our large number of eggless jar dessert options have something delicious for everyone that tastes just as great as any of our desserts.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Can’t find that perfect gift for your loved one? We have an idea! Our jar desserts make for thoughtful tokens of sweetness. No matter what the occasion, we have just the right flavour. These desserts not only taste fabulous but also come packed in cute reusable jars to make for a lasting impact.

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So, give in to that craving with Mama Mia’s jar desserts. Order from us online from the comfort of your home, and we’ll be there in no time! All Kolkata and Mumbai folks, you never have to worry about a quick, sweet fix again. Try our dessert jars for a memorable Mama Mia experience that’s all about love, happiness, and deliciousness!