We like to cheekily call gelato ‘the better ice cream’. When compared to regular premium ice creams, Gelato has significantly lesser fat (!!) and it is served at a higher temperature (= no brain freeze!). Mama Mia Gelato is made the traditional Italian way: in small batches with natural ingredients only. Our gelato is particularly special as we source the finest quality ingredients from around the world. For instance, we get our coffee beans from Colombia (South America) for an exquisite, rich coffee flavor; our Alphonso magic comes from the famous mango farms of Ratnagiri… we could go on but we prefer to let our ice creams do the talking!

Sorbet is a refreshing frozen treat made with natural fruits, water and sugar. It is a great dairy-free dessert alternative. Sorbets are much lighter than ice creams and contain ZERO added fat. That’s right! Treat yourself to a scoop, or four!

At Mama Mia, we refer to gelato as the “better ice cream”! It is better than regular ice cream because it is made with less cream and more milk, and hence has a lower fat content. Gelato is served at a higher temperature than ice cream, which gives it a wonderful velvety taste and texture (i.e. your tongue doesn’t feel icy). Gelato, typically, is made with natural ingredients compared to ice creams that may have artificial flavors added. The result is a premium tasting product that is significantly healthier than your average scoop of ice cream.

Mama Mia uniquely combines the authentic Italian method of making ice cream with bold global flavors making it a one-stop dessert destination. Our gelato technicians love experimenting with unexpected flavor combinations to keep our customers coming back for more! (Blue cheese gelato anyone?) We offer hard-to-beat classics (mint choco-chip, butterscotch etc), proud local flavors (nolen gur, thandai), as well as sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free options – thus ensuring that there is a Mama Mia scoop for every taste bud. We are pioneers in introducing ice cream cakes to the city – our ultimate Ferrero Rocher gelato cake tops the list! Besides lip-smacking scoops, Mama Mia offers a plethora of other dessert options like gourmet sundaes, jar desserts, mousse cakes, brownies, artisanal chocolates, and thick all-natural milkshakes. The newest addition to our extensive menu is Gelato Macarons! Yes, you read that right – silky smooth creamy gelato sandwiched between the perfect French macaron biscuits. Mmmmmm. Heavenly.

Our maniacal obsession with creating premium quality, truly scrumptious desserts. It’s that simple.

YES. On an average, Mama Mia has about 40 to 60% less fat than other premium ice creams. Some of our flavours are 80% lower in fat. Our sorbets are 100% fat free! #SinGuiltFree.

NONE. (Apart from the miniscule amount that naturally occurs in the fruit.)

Ok let’s understand this simply. Let’s say you consume 1 tub of ice cream (500ml) every month. That means 12 tubs or 6 litres of ice cream a year. Premium ice cream has roughly 16 gms fat per 100 gms. If you ate regular premium ice cream, you would be consuming 960ml of fat in a year. Think of a 1 litre bottle of mineral water… that’s how much. But you are a clever, conscious consumer. You eat Mama Mia! gelato. The fat content is only one third of the above amount. Pat yourself on a choice well-made. #SinGuiltFree

Our mantra is to have a dessert for every taste bud. We have sugar-free chocolate gelato available all year round. We also offer sugar-free flavours of different seasonal fruits.

We source our ingredients responsibly with the aim of gathering the finest natural ingredients that impart rich flavours to our products. No stone remains unturned in our quest to get the best raw materials so that our consumers can enjoy premium quality products. We aim to provide global flavours at local prices. For example our Coffee is from Colombia (South America), our Vanilla from Madagascar (Africa), our Mangoes from Pune (India), our Pistachios from Sicily (Italy), our Matcha from Japan, etc. We are constantly looking out for high quality new ingredients to keep creating exquisite, natural flavours for our dear customers.  

The PET jars are freezer safe, however, they are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Please do not put hot items in these jars. Our glass jars are dishwasher safe.

Yes! We love doing our bit to be green. Our packaging is eco-friendly: the tubs are made from high quality PET which is very much reusable. In fact, some of our patrons have sent us images of their kitchen cabinets full of our PET jars/glass jars being reused. We LOVE this! If you are reusing our jars in a creative manner do send us a photo and we’ll share the love! (Interesting ideas: Store stationary items, sequins, sparkles, odds and ends. Grow plants.)

We have completely abandoned one-time use plastic. Instead, we use high quality PET tubs that can easily be reused (thus reducing our carbon footprint). Our customers have been known to use our jars to store everything from nuts to ribbons to chutneys and masalas and have been reusing them for over 5 years! With a sharp eye on sustainability, we were careful not to print directly on the jars (and use stickers instead) thus making them easy to recycle without the customer needing to use any bleaching agents to remove our branding. Simply wash, scrub and reuse!

All our sorbets are dairy free.

All our fruit-based sorbets are gluten free. Many of our fruit-based gelato flavours are gluten free as well. Please look out for the “GF” tag on your Mama Mia product!

All our sorbets are Vegan.

Uh oh. We hate that that happened to you. Please get in touch with us and we promise to remedy it as soon as possible. Let us know which store has sold out your favourite flavour and we will have it restocked immediately.  

Emulsifies and Stabilisers are natural products like Guar Gum or Carob Gum etc. They improve the texture of the Gelato and prevent it from melting too quickly. They have long names, and for the sake of convenience they are usually represented by INS or E numbers (as guided by FSSAI).

Order online or step in to one of our outlets! INOX cinemas near you might also have a Mama Mia kiosk! Check our map to locate a Mama Mia fix nearest to you.

Our products are artisanal and made in India. We make them in small batches to ensure high quality and freshness. However, most of our ingredients are imported to give our customers unmatched flavours and quality.

The products we make are processed in a factory that processes dairy and nuts of various kinds.

Lovely! Our gelato techs will love the challenge. You can DM us on Instagram, Facebook or email us at lovehate@mamamiaindia.com. You brilliant ice-cream-lover, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Gelato cakes are the perfect marriage between ice creams and cakes. Luscious thick ice cream is layered between deliciously soft sponges and topped with various sauces. Our ultimate Ferrero Rocher gelato cake is a best-seller! We also make custom ice cream cakes for special occasions. Semi freddos are mousse desserts, made the Italian way. Soft, sinful and scrumptious.

Order online through our website, or any food delivery platform.  Better yet, step into one of our stores for a signature experience.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Please check our careers page on the website or email your CV to careers@mamamiaindia.com.

At present, we do not offer any franchisees.

We have exciting options for your catering needs. Please contact us at lovehate@mamamiaindia.com with your requirements.

We have several B2B partnerships and we’d love to build a relation with you. We offer bulk discounts on gelatos and sorbets. We will also be happy to curate and co-develop a custom dessert menu for your patrons. Do get in touch at lovehate@mamamiaindia.com and our B2B reps will help you.

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Nope. No. Never. None of our products use any Gelatin. We are 100 % vegetarian.

Yes. Totally vegetarian

Yes. 100 % vegetarian.

Not at all.

We do not use any vegetable fat. We use only dairy fat which makes each scoop a healthier alternative!  

Medium fat ice cream as classified by FSSAI has under 10% fat. Our gelato contains only 2% - 6% fat and hence falls in this category. Normal ice cream usually has greater than 10% fat.