Popsicle Party: The Ultimate Summer Refresher with Cool Mocktails!

This one’s for the sun seekers! With the heatwave upon us, there is nothing that sounds more refreshing than a summer drink party to help you keep your cool. Be it a poolside gathering with friends or a terrace chill-out on a scorching day, we have just the right party popper for you — Mama Mia’s popsicles! Let’s take a ride to the refreshers to create the ultimate summertime drinks and treats that are easy to make and help you beat the heat.

Why Popsicles?

Summertime’s ultimate treat has to be popsicles — fun, colourful, nostalgic and super refreshing. At Mama Mia, we have a range of flavours to choose from that suits every palette. From flavours like Green Mango Tango, Raspberry, and Virgin Mojito Lemon. But why not get extra creative with our popsicles and really bring out those flavour notes? Mix and match them with a drink of your choice and make the ultimate summer drink out of it, follow our lead.

Refreshing Summer Drinks with a Popsicle Twist

Here’s our menu! Let’s start with some light refreshers that’ll kick-start the party. These easy-to-make refreshments are made with the most simple ingredients and our added popsicle sticks to the mix only give it a flavourful twist.

Tropical Popsicle Punch

Right when noon hits the clock and the sun is the brightest, this fruity drink will help you keep your cool.


  • Coconut Extract
  • Pineapple puree
  • Mama Mia’s Virgin Mojito Lemon Popsicles
  • Some freshly diced pineapples for garnishing.
  • Any spice mix of your choice.

Berry Blast Mocktail

For a berry good time! This mocktail is sure to please all ages and tastes.


  • Some mixed berry juice (blueberries and strawberries for the win.)
  • Sparkling water or soda.
  • Mama Mia’s Raspberry Popsicles.
  • Diced berries for garnishing.

Creating the Perfect Popsicle Party Atmosphere

A party is just about the atmosphere as it is about the food. Let’s get the party poppers really going as you sip in the yummy drinks:

  • Vibrant Decor : The surroundings need to be just as fun as the popsicles right? Make use of all the colours you have to create a fun and festive atmosphere — think of playful tablecloths and jars. Lighting is key so make use of your fairy lights to glow up the evening
  • Popsicle Display :  Don’t be boring and throw in all the popsicles in an ice box! Use colourful buckets and display their charm and flavours surrounded by ice. For mixers, keep the refreshing summer drinks ready so the guests can pick their sticks and mix and match their favourites.
  • Fun Activities : Now that we have the party started, let’s also keep it going. DIY popsicle-making and board games of all kinds add to the excitement of the popsicle party. Let the people get creative and make fusions to suit their tastes. Some fresh fruits in the mix always do more good!
  • Wrapping Up: Beat the heat in style and have some fun with your friends and family this summer with the ultimate popsicle party, because you don’t need an occasion to have fun. Light snacks in the mix that are washed down with your favourite popsicle drinks are sure to be a hit so stock up on those bites. Remember, keep it simple, keep it fresh!
  • At Mama Mia, every dessert is a celebration and something like a popsicle — so colourful and cooling deserves a summer party to itself. So why wait? Make this summer one to remember and cheers to a day of fun and colours, courtesy of your coolest summer party ever!