Holi Delights: Mama Mia’s Indian Twist On Gelato!

Hey there dessert lovers! Are we in time for your Holi festivities, because we are bringing along a splash of colour and flavours with our delightful new Gelato creations that call for a desi twist that is almost unheard of.

  • Embracing the Spirit of Holi

For ages, Holi has been a landmark of joy in every household that unites people in the spirit of love. The time-honoured tales of good triumphing over evil, calling the arrival of spring with waves of colour breathing life into everyone with laughter, music, and of course, delicious food!

  • Mama Mia’s Desi Heritage

At Mama Mia, we take pride in our ground and embrace the Indian philosophies just like our Italian heritage. A lot of our desserts are thus embedded in the Indian culture and we make sure to especially pay homage when festive time is around the corner. Honouring traditions while also adding the innovative twists to our recipes is our way of celebrating the rich culinary heritage and all the local flavours that are loved and cherished.

  • Gulab Jamun Gelato

Introducing the first on our list of Holi specials menu is the classic fan-favourite Gulab Jamun in a Gelato makeover! The rich flavours doused in the aromatic syrup of a warm gulab jamun translate perfectly to a scoop just as perfectly as you would imagine. Taking the center stage of Holi celebrations since forever, we make sure that continues in a new but fun way.

  • Thandai Delight Gelato

A glass of Thandai is the quintessential refreshment that the crowd demands at a Holi party so of course we had to make sure and cater to the the popular demands and bring the creamy richness of this beloved treat in gelato form. The notes of aroma perfectly complement the comfort of the milk-based goodness and speak into the very essence of Holi.

  • Benarasi Paan Pleasure Gelato

Last but not least, the exotic flavours of Benarasi Paan get a modern makeover and are presented in gelato tubs, courtesy of Mama Mia. The blend of a paan leaf extract and the rose syrup flavours infused in our gelato is the perfect call for an indulgent and innovative fusion dessert.

  • Colourful Gelato Creations

Of course, paired with them are our classic gelato flavours that complete the rainbow of colours and add a dash of festivity to your Holi party. The flavour fusion and classics come together and make the perfect tray to be served chilled and spread all the joy there could be plus more!

  • A Fusion Of Flavours

Innovation meets indulgence — that is the recipe behind the creative gelato creations in the house. The fusion of flavours was crafted to pay homage to the  Indian flavours that we love so much while being in touch with our Italian heritage.

  • Honouring Holi Traditions

Shared moments are what bring us together and just as the colours of Holi, our desserts are crafted to carry the same tradition, made to be shared and enjoyed with loved ones. Treat everyone you hold dear with a fusion of flavours, taste and love with the most specially made treats that bring everyone together and leave them wanting more.

And there’s that — Mama Mia’s Gelato heritage gone desi with some of our most beloved flavours that we hold close to our hearts, and now in a scoop! This Holi we are bringing to you a taste of tradition, sprinkled with colour. So go ahead and use this as a call to let the festivities begin with our specials of course!