What makes Mama Mia unique ?

Mama Mia uniquely combines the authentic Italian method of making ice cream with bold global flavors making it a one-stop dessert destination. Our gelato technicians love experimenting with unexpected flavor combinations to keep our customers coming back for more! (Blue cheese gelato anyone?) We offer hard-to-beat classics (mint choco-chip, butterscotch etc), proud local flavors (nolen gur, thandai), as well as sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free options – thus ensuring that there is a Mama Mia scoop for every taste bud.

We are pioneers in introducing ice cream cakes to the city – our ultimate Ferrero Rocher gelato cake tops the
list! Besides lip-smacking scoops, Mama Mia offers a plethora of other dessert options like gourmet sundaes, jar desserts, mousse cakes, brownies, artisanal chocolates, and thick all-natural milkshakes. The newest addition to our extensive menu is Gelato Macarons! Yes, you read that right – silky smooth creamy gelato sandwiched between the perfect French macaron biscuits. Mmmmmm. Heavenly.